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Helping Realtors Reimagine their Profit

The All-in-One Commission Tracking, Pipeline Management, and Profit Analytics Solution. 

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Working With the Best Agents and Teams from the Best Brokerages


The Product

Streamline Your Production Tracking with GreenStats - The Ultimate Profit and Loss Solution. Our platform is fully scalable, from desktop to mobile app, giving you complete control in the palm of your hand. Start Achieving Your Goals Today with GreenStats.


Displaying Key Performance Indicators including Units, Volume, GCI, Profit, Commission, and more!

P&L StatBoard

Full scale Realtor specific P&L with bank account integration eliminating the need for Quickbooks.. and the learning curve to use it!

Reports & Insights

Know your business from end to end with ROI/Source, Vendor, Sales location, and CEO/Income Summary Reports!

Start maximizing your profit with GreenStats today

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GreenStats Story

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Travis Cox

CEO and Founder of GreenStats

Real Estate success came fast and simple for me. I passed my test and obtained my license in 2013 as a 19 year old aspiring to be a writer or an FBI agent.. not a Realtor. My Father pushed me to get my license as he recently did because he saw I had stalled in terms of a direction in college. I changed my major a half dozen times and really just wanted to write. Yet, I didn’t have a burning passion for it and it never materialized. My Father probably thought Real Estate would eventually intrigue me knowing that he and his Father both had entrepreneurial mindsets. I too carried that same mindset early on in life. I remember scheming up ideas with my Papaw to make money as a 10 or 11 year old and we struck gold around Kentucky Derby time every year. My Papaw lived walking distance to Churchill Downs and gold was a $100-200 day for me. While my parents went to the Derby, my Papaw and I would park cars for cash in front of the house and have water and food fresh of the grill for sale for their walk to the track. That entrepreneurial spirit resonated with me whether I realized it or not and once I felt that first bit of success as a Realtor, a flame was lit

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