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  • How many additional users can I add?
    How many do you want to add? The answer to your questions is our answer(: (as many as you want!)
  • Can I white label my GreenStats account?
    Currently, no. In the future you will be able to white label your account.
  • Can I use GreenStats to track my upcoming pipeline?
    YES! GreenStats not only works as a pipeline tool but it has the ability to track your active, pending, and closed transactions. GreenStats also has several other trackable statuses such as, Expired, Withdrawn, Cancelled, etc.
  • Will GreenStats track commissions?
    YES! GreenStats uses a simple commission table with embedded formulas to calculate commissions for you and your co selling members based on the contract price and commission %.
  • Can I import previous transactions?
    YES! Submit a support ticket with a csv file including all of your current and previous transactions or follow our import guide once logged in.
  • Will GreenStats track my brokerage fees and cap?
    YES! Simply fill out your profile to ensure we know your cap start date and the cap amount. Once triggered, GreenStats will no longer calculate brokerages fees until the anniversary date or an override from the user is selected.
  • Will GreenStats produce an estimated tax total for me?
    No, GreenStats focuses on profitability and we encourage you to add your CPA to your account OR send your CPA the P&L report monthly straight from the app or website.
  • Can GreenStats replace QuickBooks?
    GreenStats features a bank integrated, REALTOR SPECIFIC profit and loss function. Our P&L tool has the Millionaire Real Estate Agent books recommended categories and sub categories already embedded. Thus eliminating the learning curve and need for set up. So... YES(:
  • What reports will GreenStats generate?
    GreenStats automatically generates 6 reports. Topdown report ROI report Vendor report Income Summary Sales Location Profit & Loss

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